summer blues

summer is not my season. as a matter of fact, it shouldn’t be anyone’s season. it’s hot, it’s boring, and everyone has to fake like they have something fun going on. it’s okay, we all know you’re in your house eating cheese it’s and watching icarly (leave me alone) and waking up at 1pm. i’m not projecting!

i was born in the late fall. i’m not biased or anything, but fall is the best season of all times. it’s rainy and overcast, sweater weather, leaves falling, holiday season starting. fall for is people who like to stay cozy. summer is for people who like to be uncomfortable 24/7. spring is for demons and will not be discussed. in the fall i don’t have feel bad that i’m not going out of the house that much. it’s cold and rainy, who would i go out? fall is when things happen.

as i read through what i’ve wrote it’s seeming like i’m trying to convince you to convert to fall. i’m not. if you like summer better then that’s cool… just don’t ever come near me. in all honesty, i associate summer with negative memories from my childhood. i think of summer camps, kids making fun of me, being alone with nothing to do, being the awkward kid that i was. when i think of summer it reminds me of the razor scooters i used to ride on the school playground and the fruit punch icees in a paper cup sold for 50 cents. i hate those memories.

i feel like i can’t run away from them even now. this is my last summer before starting college this fall. i’m enjoying my time alone. i have to start remedial math in july. i move to the dorms in august. things are moving quickly, more quickly than any summer before. and i love it. maybe i’ll come around to enjoy summer for what it is.

at least it’s not spring.


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