art… idk about all that

my art tools of choice recently have been photoshop and a drawing tablet. i never thought i’d move on from a mechanical pencil and the margins of my notebooks but i realized it was time to switch when i threw all my high school shit out and got sad over my missing alien cat drawing. 

drawing has been a source of frustration for me. people are so talented! how do they draw someone’s face and it actually comes out looking like a picture instead of a sketch? i tend to do art that looks more like cartoon. realism is not for me, a statement that tends to reflect other parts of my life too. i’m starting to accept that things like this…

will be my main style. i really do like to draw my own face maybe because i look at myself in the mirror so much i know how to do it. in this way i overestimate myself by saying “frida khalo did a lot of self portraits too!” yes but no, makenzy. at least cartoon me has great eyebrows.


i can always take lessons and learn how to dactually draw a proportionate body. watch a video, take a class, buy a book. art is so much of a hobby and not an intense fire burning passion for me that i can’t be bothered. so i don’t mind. i’ve got some talent. talent is talent is talent. maybe i’ll get in the moma one day from this:

not even the actual sketch, just this picture of the picture. anything can happen!!


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