defining albums, r&b edition (pt. 1)


i love music. music is my “thing”. some people really like to take pictures, some people enjoy gardening, i’m all about music. it can take me to a different world. it can help me feel better when i’m down. it’s changed my life, as corny as that might sound.

one of my favorite genres is r&b. i grew up on d’angelo, sade, the isley brothers, etc. i loved the vocals of the different artists. they made me feel… either warm or cool. i can’t describe the wave of emotions i feel sometimes when i listen to music which can be sort of embarrassing. i have a lot of r&b albums that i love like brown sugar by d’angelo and the velvet rope by janet jackson. but the albums i want to talk about today are, for me, albums that defined a point in my life. they’re definitely not the best r&b albums of all time, one of them i wouldn’t even fully consider “r&b”. but they all have a different, special place in my heart because they remind me of a certain time period of my life.

the albums i’ll be talking about are ginuwine… the bachelor by ginuwine, partynextdoor two by partynextdoor, and goddess by banks. first…

ginuwine… the bachelor was released in 1996 (meaning it turns 20 years old this year! and it still holds up very well). it was ginuwine’s debut album and it was entirely produced by timbaland, with features from missy elliott and static major (rip).  my favorite thing about this album is the atmosphere it creates. it’s dark in sound, not so much in lyric content. it sounds like something that would play in a dimly lit club that only serves hennessy and alize and is always at its most packed when it’s raining outside. speaking of the rain, i permanently associate this album with cloud weather and storms. i first listened to it on a day home from school junior year of high school when it was raining outside. listening to it in that environment solidified it as a fall/winter album for me.

i listened to the bachelor nonstop during junior year. i don’t like the whole album, i have to admit. my least favorite songs are “holler”, the intro, and the outro. i don’t even hate those songs too much because what they lack in lyrics are made up for it timbaland’s production. this album helped me realize that timbo was one of my top 3 producers. ginuwine’s voice was so strong on this album and if i had to reccomend one song to someone who needed convinving it’d be “only when ur lonely” the last two minutes and a half or so of that song give me serious chills.

i can’t even choose a favorite song because it tends to switch when i listen to the whole thing again. if i’m in more of a sad mood “only when ur lonely” or “world is so cold” can get to me. if i’m feeling good, “ginuwine 4 ur mind” and “tell me do u wanna” can help elevate my mood even farther. this album can match my mood perfectly at almost anytime.

this album puts me in a set vibe. the vibe being that lowkey club scene i mentioned earlier. if i feel like i’m in a mood or scenario where this album would fit, i listen to it and it immediately makes that feeling or situation better. i love the rain but sometimes it does negatively affect my mood. when that happens the bachelor comes to my rescue. i like this album because it “fixes” me. it makes me feel better when i’m down.

so that’s ginuwine… the bachelor. a post about partynextdoor two will be coming soon. if you’ve read this far, here’s a funny parks and rec clip that pretty much describes me as a person. i am tom haverford, tom haverford is me.


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