love is hard. deep and heart wrenching. why does anyone bother? it’s not worth anything but the feelings of your organs spilling out and your brain feeling like firecrackers that didn’t light correctly. 

it’s troubles and tarnished gold. it’s kicking your one and only out just just to look at the moon at night… and wonder if they are looking too. and knowing they aren’t. 

often one sided. often nothing but faded sparks. sparks that once burned brighter than the sun. never lasts, naive to think it will. not even luck makes some last together. not even the stars aligning. 

i am melting on the inside. i am screaming and burning and being eaten alive. violently evaporating. you are the acid running through my veins and the flowers that grow in my head. my tears feel like blood and hands ache to reach out to you. love is nothing but an eternal ache…

and i live for it everyday. 


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