makenzy’s weird adventure 2

remember when flash games used to be hella popular? i used to go on andkon, addicting games, newgrounds, etc. one of my favorite ones was called “nicholas’ weird adventure 2”. it was pretty funny for what it was. i played it again recently and i had a good time but idk if that was cause it was actually funny or the nostalgia. i hope it was cause it was actually funny.

well 1st semester is almost over. i think i did pretty decently for a 1st semester college student. i’m not failing anything, i made new friends, i’ve handled my business with minimal breakdowns. now i just have to coast through these next two or three weeks until finals. (thought: before i started writing this post i wanted to write about my skincare routine, continue the next entry in my defining albums series, or just write some dumb blurb about my life. you can see what was chosen) i cannot stop thinking about the future: where will i live next year?, when will i find a job?, who will deal with my constant complaining and will still want to make me breakfast in the morning even though i was being annoying? the last thing has been put on the back burner for now but it’s still a lingering thought in my head.

one thing i’ve learned this semester: i want to live alone. no shade to my roommate, she’s chill. i just don’t like living with someone else. i don’t even want to to live with another friend. i want to be alone. i want to do what i want. besides that, i haven’t learned anything particularly new. i just realized things about myself that i kind of already knew. now i need to actually work on those things. i’m trying to learn how to be a better friend. i’ve been told by several different people that i’ve been a good friend to them. in my mind that has gotten twisted as “they’re trying to make me feel guilty… they want me to feel bad they know i’m not a good friend”. thank you to everyone who has told me i’m a good friend. now i’m trying to become a great friend. from internet friends to college friends to high school friends… hit me up if you need me!!!

spending money is bad for me. i’m not good with money. when i find a job and actually start earning money regularly i’ll become better with it. but for now i can’t stop buying eyeshadow and quesadillas. if you want my heart you’ll buy me eyeshadow and quesadillas. i’m trying to manage my feelings also. i’ve been crying considerably less. i’ve been getting angry a lot more. i’m standing my ground and refusing to be the pushover i used to be. i guess i’m happier. whatever that means. anyways thats enough of this.

coming up soon: probably not even a defining albums post. i’ll most likely just be writing about banks, my queen. don’t worry (*eye roll emoji*) my post about lights out by lil wayne is still coming soon. i’m trying to make this a music blog too, not just a diary.

thanks everyone.



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