g. perico, all blue

makenzy/opal is finally back with a post about music this time. the partynextdoor aka daddynextdoor aka durag jesus post is still coming. also a post about my queen, banks, is in the works. but because i’ve finally decided to stop listening to the same five songs everyday, i’ve actually been listening to new music. some of this music includes g. perico’s album all blue.

i didn’t know anything about g. perico until a few months ago. i think i can recall seeing his name on a lipstickalley thread. the title was something like “omg g. perico is so fine come look yall”. so of course, being the thirstbucket that i am, i entered the thread. i agreed with the original poster of the thread, yes he is fine. but otherwise i kept it moving and didn’t really see his name again.

maybe two months later, i’m hanging out with someone and he mentions his name. “do you know who he is?” he asks. i respond promptly with “that’s that nigga with the perm right?” the conversation continues. i start thinking that i should finally listen to his music. i postpone that thought and continue listening to the same music i always listen to, which is usually the hot boy$ and beyonce because i’m 2simple.

two weeks ago, i saw his name on a reddit thread. by this point i assumed the universe was trying to tell me something. earlier last week i made an effort to listen to some new music while i was getting ready to go out. the first name that popped in my head was g. perico’s. i figured that since i actually pay for spotify now, i should put it to use and listen to new stuff. so i made my way to all blue, an album i was surprised to enjoy so much.


i love perms on niggas smh.

that’s not to say i thought it was gonna be bad or i was dreading listening to the album. i can have a short attention span when it comes to music. i’ll listen to new music just to say i checked it out, then i forget about it outside of a few songs. i honestly thought that would happen with all blue. i knew what kind of sound i was gonna be getting from this album and tbh i was neither here nor there about it. i do have a soft spot for LA rappers. what i didn’t expect is that i’d be playing through the album again and again.

quick review of the album cover (yall know me): i appreciate it solely cause of the rollers. 10/10 cover.

on first listen, i didn’t realize how much g sounded like dj quik. it’s not dead on or anything, more like the comparison of action bronson to ghostface killah. they both from new york, just like quik and g are from LA. nothing to be surprised about! yall know how LA niggas sound by now! “he sounds like quik” is only true when you’ve heard one song by g, but when listening to the rest of the album i realized quickly that they barely sound alike. the comparisons to quik end there. all blue sounds like an updated version of the 90s LA sound. it’s not boring and it doesnt sound old. it’s good riding around music.

i will admit though, sometimes it felt like one long song. that can be a bad thing but it wasn’t for me. every song was distinct enough that i knew when something new was playing. i can appreciate “background music”– you dont really have to pay attention but when you do it’s good. the songs that made me pay a little more attention were “westside-digital”, “bacc forth” (good single choice), “all blue”, and “gets my staccs”. the whole album is right in between bangers and chill shit… like you could get a lil crazy if you wanted or you could just smoke a blunt and keep it moving. super solid.

all blue is 13 songs and clocks in at 35min, which in my opinion is a blessing. if it was any longer i would’ve gotten bored. i can appreciate an album not being really long and g kept it short and sweet. i really don’t have anything negative to say about this album. it was interesting but it wasn’t busy, chill but went off. i’d say it was like listening to a dom kennedy and YG album all mixed together.

g. perico is refreshing. i got to learn about his life and what he had to go through. it felt real, but not preachy. he sounds like he has something to prove. he’s this close to breaking through– i feel that. if he keeps putting out albums like all blue then he’ll do fine. i’m looking forward to his next project.

banks and pnd soon! (yeah right)


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